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Branding for restaurants

Now more than ever you can make the difference with your competitors by reinforcing the image of your business.

From May 4th, all restaurants will be able to offer a pick-up service or what we also call a “Click & Collect” sale.

This type of sale will allow you to get back in touch with your regular customers as well as the possibility of gaining new ones.

Is your business image ready?

Maybe it’s time to check the branding of your business and see if it reflects the image and values you want your audience to recognize as a brand.

Check that your restaurant is ready to offer the new services and that you have all the necessary elements: new menu, take away packaging, click & collect bags, as well as little details or discounts that always make the difference.

This is an opportunity you should not miss because it will allow you to take distance from the competence and be in your clients’ mind again.

What do branding mean?

Branding is the whole process of brand construction, that is, it refers to all the work that needs to be done around the image and communication that will represent your restaurant.

It is an essential strategy for attracting customers, influencing their purchasing decision and building their loyalty; but above all it is the key tool that gives each business a unique personality and therefore allows it to stand out from the competence.

How to know if your business has a good corporate image

We are going to give you some guidelines so that you can determine if your business has a good brand image or if it needs to be renewed:

          1 -What values I want to communicate: 

All the elements that form the branding of your company must transmit the values and characteristics of your restaurant: type of business, type of service, atmosphere and above all what makes it different from the rest.


Kai Restaurant design by Nayra Iglesias – [email protected]


          2 – Visual Identity:

The values and the philosophy of the business itself must be shaped through the basic element of any visual identity, which is the logo. Everything influences from the color chosen, the typography used or any other graphic element integrated into the design.

The image of the logo must meet and communicate in an intuitive way the definition of the business. If so, you have a good logo and a good base on which to build your brand image.


Kai La Caleta_Branding_In Out Studio

Branding del restaurante Kai La Caleta by Nayra Iglesias – In Out Studio


          3 -Check the exterior visibility of your business:

The identifying elements of your business outside must be designed under the criteria of the brand manual, thanks to which the application of branding is homogeneous throughout the logo.

The sign, besides transmitting the image of the business, must be well visible during all the hours that the restaurant is open, so a correct illumination of it is vital.


Marisquería Norte Sur_Fachada_In Out Studio

Restaurante Marisquería Norte Sur Costa Rica by Nayra Iglesias – In Out Studio


          4 – New services, new needs:

Keep in mind that if your restaurant was not prepared to offer home delivery or collection services at your restaurant, it is necessary to prepare a line of packaging with the same identity as the rest of your branding elements.

Take advantage of this new need to stand out from the competence and create a different packaging that would leave a mark in the memory of the customer.


Packaging_Marisquería Norte Sur_In Out Studio

Propuesta Packaging Restaurante Marisquería Norte Sur Costa Rica by Nayra Iglesias – In Out Studio

          5 – Nothing is the same anymore so the experience must change too:

Check your restaurant space and see if it reflects the personality of your brand and in particular the one of your regular customer. Take into account that you must adapt the interior spaces of your business to new needs and that you must take the new measures of distance and hygiene into consideration.

These changes should not affect the experience of the customer who wants to enjoy your restaurant again.

Remember, design will always provide you creative and distinctive solutions.


Marisqueria Norte Sur_Fachada_In Out Studio

Restaurante Marisquería Norte Sur Costa Rica by Nayra Iglesias – In Out Studio