Branding retail design

Branding in retail design

As we have seen in previous post the visual code of a brand, the branding, need to be recognizable anywhere. It doesn’t look easy, how do big companies?  Let’s analyze the strategies:

  • On one hand there are brands who prefer to reproduce a single model space anywhere in the world. The Apple or Nespresso stores maintain the same image in Tokyo or Madrid. What do they get with this strategy? Generate an automatic brand recognition by consumers increasing their loyalty.
  • There are other group which strategy is to create different commercial spaces depending on the localization. These companies adapting the bases concept that defines the brand to each place. Each store has a unique story that combines the values of the brand with the cultural environment. A clear example of this option is the luxury French brand Chloé.


Is it possible to create a new store in every place and not distort the brand image? We believe that the turning point is in the degree of consolidation of the brand. If this is consolidate can generate infinite variables. By creating new spaces is established a closer connection with people and gets reposition of the brand in the region. The client changes from a receiver to a partner in a space designed for him.

We love the challenge of adapting to a new environment. Nayra Iglesias, creative director of In Out Studio, began his career in Camper. For this brand identity and diversity are two concepts that go together, you won’t find two identical shops. Its spaces are fed by the contribution of international architects, designers and artists who bring a new vision. It is a clear example of an adaptive strategy.


Nowadays the strategy of big companies are changing as the case of Zara. They have chosen to to design stores with more personality. It confirmed that the adaptive strategy is more refreshing for an increasingly global consumer. The picture shows a design of Elsa Urquijo Architects for Zara in Hong Kong.


Which of both do you considered the most interesting? It depends on the model and location of your business. To help you, in our next post we will analyze other factors which have influence in this important decision. See you #designlover!