Oasis Dental Clinic

Who said you couldn’t have a relaxing experience at the dentist? We invite you to visit Dental Oasis, a new Dental Clinic Franchise designed by our studio.

Because visiting your dentist has never been so relaxing.

This transgressive and avant-garde space reinterprets the traditional Dental Franchise design. Materials, textures and colors combine to create a sensory experience never before thought for a Dental Clinic. A warm and caring environment that connects you with nature.

The corridor is a large light box that extends from the entrance to the office area. Like a melody, the light is sifted along it through the solid cedar wood slats, turning everything it touches into nature. The nuances in the warm lighting allow us to create a sensation of openness, as opposed to the traditional concept of a dental clinic where the light is cold and uniform, generating an uncomfortable feeling of closed space.


The reception area is a spectacular space that combines exoticism and purity. Tropical vegetation and an impressive mural accompany us during the wait providing freshness and comfort. The waiting room is equipped with a multimedia area for the enjoyment and entertainment of adults and children.


The treatment cabins can be relaxed and peaceful spaces. Each of the boxes is designed to immerse the patient in a new sensory experience. The lighting inside the room is specially designed to avoid glare and to provide warmth to the environment.


Dental Oasis, a relaxing experience.

If you are interested in receiving more information about this project you can request it at [email protected].