First intensive windows workshop at Tenerife

First intensive windows workshop at Tenerife

On January 21-25 In Out Studio taught the first Intensive Window workshop at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

With a full capacity and the participation of local institutions we were enjoying of a training at the highest level.

The intensive one-week course consists of two levels, basic and advanced.

The Basic Course is a practical and dynamic workshop aimed at obtaining the necessary knowledge to start a business or as Window-dressing designer.

The Advanced Course is guided to professionals with basic knowledge of Window-dressing design or industry experience who wants to focus into technical aspects of a showcase.


After finishing the basic course, our students will be capable to made up a good showcase.

The first day of our basic course started by learning how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a showcase, by studying the history of window dressing and the basic principles for visual perception and composition.

The second day ends with a practical exercise in which all the concepts discussed are applied. Exercise has a competition format similar to “masterchef” that encourage agility and creativity. We are amazed by the level of the exercises presented.


Once completed the Basic course our students pass to the Advanced level. The real practical exercise promotes professional projection of students. They have opportunity to test their knowledge and have their first experience for a company.

Thanks to the cooperation of local organisations and commercial experts, our students enjoy a series of master classes where they can learn, see and touch the sector innovations. We appreciate the participation of:

– Vimor Equipamiento Comercial S.L.
– Flexo Publicidad
– Papelera de Canarias
– Alumbrado Técnico

The first workshop was devoted exclusively to the study of materials. We all differents kinds and latest market trends. Thanks to the samples provided by our expert Flexo Publicidad we could touch and feel the differences between several sampless such as pvc, phenolic, aluminum sheets, composites and many more.


The engineer Claudio González, representing Alumbrado Técnico Canario, offered an essential Lighting Master Class. We learned basic concepts such as the temperature of the light, the IRC and opening angles. Besides that we study the different lighting techniques applicable to window-dressing design.

This class is a must, only available in our advanced course.


Vimor Equipamiento Comercial S.L. gave us the opportunity to deepen into the field of windows-dressing´s animation. We study which are the wardrobe must-have for any designer, the most unique and innovative animation elements and the different possibilities that the market could offer. At the end of the class students could see various products such as exhibitors, mannequins, modules and so on … which is the perfect end to a very productive day.


In our last master class, students of our advanced course learned all the tools for conceptualizing their showcase. From the most classical techniques such as freehand representation through digital representations in 2D and 3D innovative tools. They also received a class of SKETCH UP 8 in order to créate their first 3D project.


To save the best for last at this Intensive Course, a real showcase is performed at a local business thanks to the cooperation of an entrepreneurs. This time we selected Kiki Karam shop, a head-dress business located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The magnificent windows-dessing of this shop welcomed the proposals of our students made entirely of cardboard with the support of Papelera de Canarias. The result was spectacular. At the end of the exercise the winning team made their first professional assignment. Isn´t that incredible?


Remember, the next edition will be held in Gran Canaria from 25 to 29 March. You are in time to join this exciting course.

Each student will receive a certificate endorsed by the School and by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria. Sign up for inscription at [email protected] or 670333276