Get to know more about Nayra Iglesias

Nayra Iglesias is an Architect and Designer by vocation. She directs In Out Studio, an Architecture and Interior Design atelier based in Madrid and the Canary Islands.

An expert in Design and Management of luxury Projects at an international level, she has completed postgraduate studies in Interior Design and Project Management. Currently, she combines the creative direction of the studio with training, teaching classes in his own courses.

Since 2018 he has worked in schools such as ESNE, SHIFTA, UNIR and many more. Now that he is presenting a new course specialized in the luxury sector, we want to discover more about this lesser-known facet of her.

– Hello Nayra, we would love to know at what point in your professional career did you consider training, is it vocational or did it emerge over the years?

N.I: Hello Alejandra, the truth is that as soon as I set up my studio, which was born in the Canary Islands in 2008, several official organizations contacted me from the Cabildo of Tenerife and Gran Canaria to teach courses related to the commercial sector.

When I set up my studio I already had a lot of experience in this sector, especially at an international level, because I spent several years working for Camper and various brands for which I had the opportunity to design stores all over the world.

In Spain at that time, there were very few professionals specialized in Retail Design and we also had international experience, so it seemed enriching to me to contribute some of that knowledge and take it to the most basic trade, to the small businessman.

I had never really considered being a teacher, I suppose because my parents are and you always tend to do the opposite, but the reality is that according to my students, they also feel that passion that I transmit when I talk about my designs when I teach classes.

– Given the complexity that an interior design project entails, how do you balance your career as a designer and teacher?

N.I: Well, it is difficult, it requires knowing how to manage delivery times very well and then obviously it involves some sacrifice to always be able to prepare content that is very productive, practical and 100% current.

Due to scheduling issues, I cannot teach more than 1 course a year and I try to make them very complete, concentrated and entertaining courses. The advantage I have is that I am an active designer and in my daily life I research a lot about my sector, which is the luxury sector, to always try to contribute something new to our projects.

Hotel Amar – In Out Studio – Copyright ©

– Education and industry are constantly evolving. How do you adapt your teaching to changing needs?

N.I: Well, as I mentioned, always being very up-to-date and, above all, traveling. You have to live the spaces, the businesses, they can’t tell you about them. This is essential to grow as a professional and it is certainly a way of life if you want to be at the forefront of design, be it industrial, interiors or architecture.

– How will this course be different from other more conventional interior design programs?

N.I: The new Luxury Space Design Course is a course that I have been preparing for several years, in which I have wanted to condense the keys to specialization in 3 fundamental sectors: hotel design, restaurants and commercial space design.

It is not a master’s degree, it is an intensive, practical and very updated course that will give professionals who take it a clear idea of ​​the sector and if they already have a base in interior design, it will help them reinforce their knowledge to be able to give that jump to specialization.

Another professional profile that we also see who wants to take the course is that of the student who has just finished and who is not clear about where he wants to direct his career.

– Investigating more about the course. How do you have in mind to balance the theoretical part with the practical part in the content of the program?

N.I: We have developed a method that is more than 10 years old and it is personalization first, having few students and following very close support with them so that each with their technical level can give their best. Secondly, in addition to the group correction classes we always have personalized tutorials with me, it is actually a private class and we manage to unlock many doubts and ensure that the students are correctly assimilating the theoretical part.

Hotel Amar – In Out Studio – Copyright ©

– Within the context of an online course, student support plays a fundamental role. What is your strategy to offer solid support throughout the course?

N.I: Well, they are always supported, we have a 24-hour contact email, a group WhatsApp channel that we use to clarify doubts and upload interesting news about the sector and in addition, we have group and individual corrections. The support is very complete and for students who study outside of Spain we usually adapt to their schedules in individualized tutoring.

– Once students have completed the course, what are the key objectives you hope they will achieve?

N.I: For me, the important thing is that they gain confidence, come out motivated and wanting to take on the world, that I have been able to transmit to them the love and passion that I feel for this profession and that it drives them to pursue their dream.

– To conclude our conversation Nayra, I would love to get your personal perspective. What valuable advice would you offer to students who aspire to pursue a career in interior design? I am sure that your experience and knowledge can provide useful guidance to those who are finding their way in this fascinating field.

N.I: This is a tough profession, in which training is very important, so the better your foundation is, the easier it will be for you to specialize and stand out against the competition. I recommend the exercise of trying to focus more on what each one wants to be, without comparing yourself because being different is a good thing in this sector but you have to be brave, that is a bit of the spice of life, which is always my case. It’s going to be “mojo picón” 😊

– Thank you very much Nayra, it has been a pleasure to speak with you.

Interior Design Course for Luxury Sector