How architecture builds brands

How Architecture builds brands?

Our brand is our business identity. It highlight his positive values, transmits the motivations and connects with the target public. Definitively it tell us who we are, what we do and for whom.

The creation process of a brand needs a serie of steps that you have to know to unroll yourself with fluency in the business world:

  1. Naming: it begins with a briefing, an exhaustive study realized by professionals. The namewill be the first element of the creative process. It is the base that represent the brand.
  2. Corporate identity, this phase emphasising about concepts to transmitting. It will be materialized in the colors, typography and giving origin to the logo. It is the first imagefor a client. His message has to be clear and direct.
  3. The corporate manual identity the first corporate element of the brand, in which it is deepened in the personality of the company. It is the moment in which architects design thevisual brands elements that define the characteristics of the space.
  4. Architecture creates the spaces of the brand that define the experience and a message for the client. It is therefore the final recognizable image in the whole world.


To develop a brand identity is necessary to work with a multidisciplinary team capably of developing four phases. To cover the project of in a complete way means to covers all the needs of a business, from the Branding to the Architecture.

Architects specialist in Corporate Architecture develop a concept wherte the visual elements are integrates in the interior design. The elements must be coherent with the values of the brand and to identify the business for the public. The other elements that are part of a architecture project such as lighting, spatial distribution or furniture design work as a whole using the same corporate language.


All the images of this post correspond to La Séptima con Broadway afterwork. In Out Studio have developed the Comprehensive Design and Management. The exterior images were taken at Broadway for this project. In the interior the industrial materials generate an environment that transports us to the most alternative New York.

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