In Out Studio at TV | Buenos Días Canarias

The TV show Buenos días Canarias a local TV, devotes a section to canaries entrepreneurs in order to make known and promote entrepreneurship in the islands. When we was offered a participation we did not hesitate a moment. Our director, Nayra Iglesias, was commissioned to represent the team in the interview by Roberto González.

In Out Studio believes in the synergy of the canaries collectiv entrepreneurs. We are part of Comercios innovadores de Gran Canaria program that promotes the Cabildo. Thanks to him we know firsthand the needs faced by a business in our area . Through our professional advice we have had the opportunity to support the creation of new business and drive improvements in other with a consolidated base.

In addition we firmly believe that training in the field of architecture and corporate design can contribute to greater professionalism in the retail sector. For some time we are turned to complement our course program with all those activities that demand industry or that we believe may improve the competitiveness of the businesses.

In Out Studio is open to collaborate with any company, regardless of size. Good ideas do not conform to a scale. We want to know about new initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship . If you feel identified with us or want any further information , we will personally speak with you through [email protected], skype inoutstudio or 928 260 153.

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