Innovation & Retail – Interactive Windows

Interactive windows, the new era.

The secret to increase the traffic into your shop and sales is to maximize your visibility. Which is the best way to do it? Using a technological solution that transforms it into an interactive showcase. In this post we review some of the potential benefits:

  • It is very versatile, allowing different types of broadcast messages: promotions, customer loyalty management, new collection advertising, etc.
  • It offers great flexibility because this technology adapts to any business model: car dealerships, travel agencies, bakeries, etc.
  • It is a high-impact tool that lets you create high-impact advertising campaigns.
  • The interaction with this devices give more freedom to the consumers, who may decide what they want to see, raising your knowledge of their tastes.
  • Cost-effective. This element provides information 24 hours a day, becoming part of the workforce.
  • Digital tools allow to display and sell products that are not physically in store, becoming anunlimited warehouse.
  • It is a complement to your traditional storefront.

Do you remember the 80’s display cases, full of TVs? You can also create that attraction effect that keeps you chained to the window in your commercial space. Here are some examples that can be adapted to the needs of your business:

Disney brings to light its magical world with this interactive storefront in the streets of Long Island, New York. The famous shadows of the characters replicate the movements of the customers who stand in front of this great showcase.

The Turkish brand Boyner uses this fascinating interactive showcase where the custumers can see how the products look on a virtual model and buy them without trying them on.

In this case, the car brand Volvo, proposes a simple game that can make you win one of their cars. Touch, play and make your dreams come true.

Adidas has two proposals for their next window display to promote the new boots. One of them changes the campaign images, attracting the attention of the customer. The other proposes a visual game making a relation between boots and speed ball.

Another technological solution with great versatility is a transparent high-definition display, which can be placed directly on the glass or mirror through a projector. Offering Full HD, the content on this displays can  be controlled from a PC or tablet.

As you can see, this sector has new solutions and market trends every day. These are strategies applicable to any business that allow you to enlarge your window. If you want further information about the interactive display systems and how to apply it in your point of sale, please contact our team [email protected]