Nuevo espacio restauración_01

New Innovative restaurant at Madrid

Nayra Iglesias her team are facing a new challenge, the design of a new restaurant space in the heart of Madrid.

The aim of this new establishment is to surprise and transport diners to a magical, underwater environment.

The restaurant has a bar and a dining area in which two different atmospheres have been created.


Salty Room – In Out Studio

The first room is located in the central area where a collective table, more than 4 metres long, invites guests to share adventures with other diners.

Above this unusual table floats an extraordinary lamp-sculpture made of 150 handcrafted porcelain fish.

The central space of the restaurant is filled with a folded, reflective metal cladding that reproduces the waves of the sea.

This new interior design concept is experienced through light.

By playing with reflections, intensities and colours, the viewer is immersed in another dimension.


Salty Room – In Out Studio

In contrast to the central space, the sides of the room offer a more intimate dining experience with tables for up to four diners.

The tables are made of brass and recycled boat wood in two shades. They are handcrafted to measure, along with the sofas that make up the seating.

This area surrounded by fish tanks immerses the client in a suggestive and relaxing atmosphere enveloped by corporate music and a carefully designed lighting system.


Salty Room – In Out Studio

El restaurante es un espacio acogedor sofisticado en el que predomina el uso de materiales cálidos, como las mesas de madera maciza y los paneles de roble de las paredes, que a su vez dotan al conjunto de una perfecta acústica.

Toda una experiencia sensorial para disfrutar de lo mejor del mar en este nuevo espacio de restauración.