It’s time to change the energy in your home

Our home is, right now, a space for work, leisure and rest; and it is possible that at this point we are a bit down so we want to give you some revitalizing interior design tips that will make you feel better.

Psychology is intrinsic to interior design since space and especially the way we use it, directly influences our moods.

That is why we want to share with you four concepts that will change the energy of your home:

– Get organized!

Whether you are a maniac or not of an order, try to make sure that everything has its place and each activity you do has “its scene”.

Putting a little order will make you feel better for the simple fact that your house will respond better to your needs and will also allow you to comply with our second recommendation.


-Leave room for you:

That your house breathes your personality is vital to feel comfortable.

Take advantage of the extra time we have now to make the changes you have always wanted to make, eliminate everything that takes up space at home and leave room for these new activities: painting, playing sports, learning to play the guitar … anything goes!

So, as in your house, you are the center of attention, even if you are a large family, reserve a little corner for yourself.


– More Vitamin D:

It may seem obvious but in periods of isolation, we need more than ever Natural light. The sun provides large amounts of vitamin D, also very present in foods, such as salmon.

Make sure to rearrange your home spaces based on natural light. Now that most of us work from home, make sure that you receive sunlight for at least half of your workday.

If you are not one of the lucky ones who live in a bright apartment, don’t worry, we are preparing another post in which we will teach you how to use artificial light to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

– Add color:

We know that color was never your thing but surely you hadn’t thought to spend so much time at home, so it’s time for you to give the color a chance.

Color is one of the elements of interior design that most influences us, it is capable of transmitting many sensations and in addition to making us connect with our memories.

If your home does not have a lot of colors, try to give it a good brushstroke of bright and energetic colors such as pink, orange, purple and very warm earth tones.

If, on the other hand, you are a color lover, try to detect which colors are affecting you negatively, generally they are usually very dark colors such as brown, black or navy blue or perhaps very exciting colors such as red or yellow. Try to replace them with warm or neutral colors or have to change rooms.

Remember that our perception of color varies according to light.

Villa Fuerteventura by Nayra Iglesias #inoutarchitects

What do you think of these tips?

Interior design can help you live better and now more than ever we must take advantage of all these resources to make our days at home as comfortable and happy as possible.