Barra de Pintxos _ carteleria

The importance of the image for your franchise

We live, nowadays, a new phase where businesses have an early expiration date. When you are launching a franchise is necessary to consider the actions that lead a safe expansion . Walking in this direction need to find the formula that differentiates us and stand out from the rest.

We are collaborating with the tapas-restaurant group Barra de Pintxos in its launch as a franchise nationwide. Barra de Pintxos is a new restaurant concept very fresh in which everything happen around a central bar . This divides the place into two spaces . On one side the dining area which is dominated by an atmosphere warm and restful colors that invites you to a serene experience. On the other side a more dynamic and informal area in which customers can enjoy the selection of tapas.

This work has enabled establish its image and expand goals. In 2014 we will see news oppenings and In Out Studio will be there , continuing our work. Undoubtedly , Barra de Pintxos bar will be talking about in 2014.

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