Lighting design for shopping environment

Lighting design is a critical factor in creating a unique shopping environment. It attracts customers, reflects brand identity and creates confort. Lighting relates commercial space, client and object. It guides the consumer while it crosses and enjoys the environment.

Lighting tonality influences the perception of space and product. The choice of a suitable tone improves the appraisal of the article and provokes a suitable light sensation determined in the space.


Blue, white or yellow light? The color of the lighting can be controlled considering a concept, the color temperature. This varies from the colder tones, with temperatures above 3000 °k, to the warmer tones, with temperatures below 3000 °k. The neutral tone is for values between 2700-3000 ºk.

What lighting tone should be chosen? It must be taken not to alter in any way the product color. The warm lighting is ideal for places where an atmosphere of hospitality and comfort is required: restaurants, hall, hotel rooms. The neutra lighting is best to masimize the product color: clothing stores, kitchens, catering halls. The cool lighting should be used to generate high traffic of public, large commercial areas, and workspaces.


In the top image we can see one of our most recent lighting projects for a Hour Passion watches shop. We have worked by mixing warm and cool lighting. Thus, we have obtained a lighting environment that reproduces correctly the different metallic tonalities of the jewels.

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