Lola & Lo _ Boutique by In Out Studio

Lola & Lo – Luxury boutique by In Out Studio

Madrid is the setting for a new In Out Studio project. Nayra Iglesias’ team signs the first luxury boutique of Lola & Lo in Spain, whose collection of footwear and accessories has fallen in love with the Russian IT girls.

Located at number 88 Claudio Coello street, this delicate boutique promises to be an inescapable date for lovers of the most exclusive design.


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The image of the store is presented to the outside with a rotund engraved iron lintel whose design reminds of the embroideries of the light suits. To their skirts is the space of showcase presided over by two pedestals of carved wood realized entirely of artisan form.

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This lintel gives way to the interior of the store, an exhibition space that combines majestic marble staircases with elegant wall displays.

On the walls and wrapped in delicate brass frames are several backlit displays lined with high-end textile paper.


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On both sides of the exhibitors stand hanging brass sculpted and inspired by the work of forging the Andalusian blinds. These exclusive pieces impregnate the store with its rebellious and feminine character.

The central space is reserved exclusively for the client. On a velvety carpet XL two curved seats of velvet and beech wood have been arranged combined with a handmade table made in wood and forge.

170725 In Out Studio Lola&Lo 008

Facing one of the marble displays is the counter, one of the most beautiful pieces of the store. A jewel-piece wrapped in a delicate brass skin that represents the essence of the brand.

A spectacular hanging lamp inspired by Golden Age crowns the interior design of this exclusive boutique in the heart of Madrid.


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The interior design of this small space pays tribute to the origin of the fusion brand of Spanish and Peruvian culture. The color, the voluptuous shapes of the furniture and the delicate ornamentation are intermingled, generating a exclusive space and loaded with a lot of personality.