Hotel diseñado por Nayra Iglesias -

Most Creative Space Award at Marbella Design 2019

The new hotel room concept called VIOLET BLISS, designed by Nayra Iglesias and her team, has been awarded the “Most Creative Space Award” at the 2019 edition of MARBELLA DESIGN, an international interior design event that has been held on 4 to July 15 in Marbella.

The jury that has awarded the prize has been formed by the speakers of the #designforlife days: Teresa Sapey, architect and designer; Marisa Santamaría, analyst of international design trends; Gala Fernández, designer and Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, architect and designer. The director of the conference was one more year Paloma Gómez Marín, in collaboration with Manuel Díaz Cebrián, artistic director of Marbella Design.

Photo_ Marbella Design

In no other color unlike qualities combine in the violet, since it represents the mixture of masculine with feminine (red and blue), and sensuality with spirituality. The union of these opposite meanings is what we wanted to reflect in this unusual hotel suite.

According to Nayra Iglesias, the studio director “we wanted to transcend the more traditional hotel solutions and deepen the use of unconventional color but with wonderful properties.”

For this reason, several months were worked on to create a unique tonality designed specifically for this interior design thanks to the American paint brand Benjamin Moore.

Photo_ Gonzalo Botet

The vibrant and sensual space invites the guest to experience. Its walls covered with three-dimensional materials and a careful lighting combine to enhance the senses.

The 30m2 suite is divided into two spaces connected to each other, the space dedicated to the bathroom and the bedroom.

Separated by delicate glass and metal lattices made by Veganox and Secrisa, these spaces communicate with each other through a suggestive treatment of pairs, floors and ceilings

A two-tone continuous pavement runs through both spaces, delimiting the area of greatest traffic, materialized with a carpet of violet deluxe hair with the most exclusive area made with a delicate mosaic pavement in gradient of the urban chic series of Hisbalit.

Photo_ Gonzalo Botet

The bathroom has been entirely designed with pieces from the exclusive Finion series by Villeroy & Boch that stand out for their refined aesthetics and an innovative lighting effect.

The bicolor velvet chair is a new studio design and has been made in collaboration with Grupo Bedline and Tessa Fernández Durán.

Photo_ Gonzalo Botet

On the degraded mosaic worktop by Hisbalit, aluminum mirrors are lightened in the studio design with black glass details made by Veganox and Secrisa.

The Oioli brand is responsible for shaping the taps with a sensual brass line that is integrated into the déco-futurist aesthetic of this hotel suite.

Photo_ Gonzalo Botet

Presiding the central space of the bedroom is the indescribable backlit headboard by GLC Lighting made with dynamic panels capable of several in intensity and color.

The Silkdreams silk duvet cover has an innovative motorized system to allow better ergonomics in the cleaning of hotels. Both the comfort plus mattress and the electric and upholstered mattress are from the Bedline Group.

On both sides of the bed stand the bedside tables LACE-X, new design of the studio made entirely in dichroic glass Secrisa on which are suspended opal and glass lamps with a lot of character made exclusively for this concept of hotel room.

The mechanisms chosen for this suite are from the Jung brand.

Photo_Gonzalo Botet

The color note in this space is given by the Vescom curtains that play with a double skin and a set of iridescent colors that add sophistication to the space.

On one of them stands out the spectacular painting by Miguel Ángel Cardenal de Saisho art and the curved sideboard EKLIPSE designed by Nayra Iglesias and produced by the Bedline Group.

The exquisite props in black and white colors is from La Nave Home while the murano glass pieces in iriscente color are from Santiago Pons.

Photo_ Gonzalo Botet

The opposite side of the room is reserved as a reading corner with the new LOLAPOP design by Iglesias that incorporates its own lamp supported by a small table in metalized fiber from Roche Bobois.

The beautiful upholstered velvet cushion as well as the rest of Violet Bliss upholstery is designed by Tessa Fernández Durán.

Photo_Gonzalo Botet

As in all In Out Studio projects, the highlight of interior design is lighting, based on two strategies: recessed lighting and indirect light made with Xall‘s high-end product and the decorative lighting formed by the new collection of lamps and apply Violet Bliss designed by Iglesias and made in collaboration with Lueduo.


Photo_Gonzalo Botet – Hotel Boutique design by Nayra Iglesias – [email protected]

A studied work of detail and careful lighting offer the guest a stimulating and memorable sensory experience.

Violet bliss it is a breath, a breath of fresh air, a stimulating but comfortable concept that was born to be enjoyed.