Initiation to Sensorial Interior Design – Nayra Iglesias on Domestika

You can now enjoy theIntroduction to sensory interior design course, in which you will learn to design spaces based on the senses from top to bottom.

Nayra Iglesias, creative director of In Out Studio founded In Out School in 2008 with the aim of training national and international professionals of the industry. The Home Staging course, which has trained more than 50 high-level professionals from different countries, stands as a highlight.

In Out School - HS

In Out School – Formacion – Home Staging Internacional

Giving talks and lectures for professionals or people in training is one of her passions and since 2018 forms part of the “Official Master of Design of Commercial Spaces” in the ESD Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid with the Visual Marketing subject. It is therefore a huge joy on a personal and corporate level, to have a course in such a popular platform for creatives as Domestika.

COURSE Nayra Iglesias 01

Nayra Iglesias – Formacion – Nuevo curso en Domestika

In her professional career, the client’s experience is and has been the central axis from which to create holistic concepts. Lighting, textures, colors, smells… all the elements are studied in detail so that each environment and moment is unique and memorable.

LE SUD SUITE_In Out Studio 14

Gonzalo Botet | Le Sud Suite by Nayra Iglesias – In Out Architects | [email protected]

In this course, you will see what sensorial design is and how it affects perception and user experience. You will learn about sensorial marketing and how you can apply it to a space to generate emotions that go far beyond the visual, with your own project with Nayra, and, in addition, you will have tips to communicate and share your work in a professional way.

You can not miss this course!

Enjoy  “Initiation to sensorial interior design” by Nayra Iglesias