Hall Clínica Privada

Health and Wellness: private clinic

An Oasis for health

Organic shapes, materials that evoke nature and pastel colors are the basis of the design concept created for this new private clinic by Nayra Iglesias and her team.

A different and unconventional formula that manages to turn the visit of patients into a relaxed, pleasant and positive experience, trying to respond to the future of hospital spaces.


Clínica privada

Private Clinic by In Out Studio – Nayra Iglesias



At In Out Studio we care about the well-being of our clients. Therefore, in the new spaces for health we follow a strategy based on 4 fundamental pillars:

  • Biophilia: human beings have an innate bond with nature.
  • Comfort: material conditions that provide well-being and comfort.
  • Security: customers need to have complete trust with something or someone.
  • Calm: providing clients with the tranquility or quietness we want in our clinics.

This can be achieved through elements such as: personalized attention, lighting environments, natural materials, vegetal elements, domestic atmosphere, pastel and/or neutral colors, etc.



Private Clinic by In Out Studio – Nayra Iglesias


The clinic has three main areas distributed over two floors: reception, waiting area and consultation rooms.

The entrance area that welcomes the client, where the reception and waiting area are located, is an open and luminous space. Beautiful courtyards have been created to give special prominence to natural light.

In order to distance itself from more conventional solutions, in addition to taking advantage of the courtyards, we have chosen to use materials that comply with the requirements of cleanliness and disinfection and provide calm and warmth.

Clínica privada hall

Private Clinic by In Out Studio – Nayra Iglesias


Design of friendly spaces

With a friendly, organic and contemporary language, the interior design of these offices uses biophilia resources, the natural union between humans and nature, to generate comfort for the client.

In this way, the arrangement of planters with plant elements is chosen. Green as the main color and the use of materials such as wood and terrazzo.


Clínica Privada

Private Clinic by In Out Studio – Nayra Iglesias


The consultation areas are located on both levels, being easily identifiable by the signage included as well as the arrangement of recognizable elements such as the arches.

In the consultation booths, an environment has been designed that promotes a closer relationship between doctor and client, with lighting and furniture elements that remind us of the domestic space.


Clínica privada

Private Clinic by In Out Studio – Nayra Iglesias


As in all the projects of the studio, Nayra Iglesias places special emphasis on the work of lighting, taking great care in the creation of different layers of lighting to create warm and cozy environments.

In short, from In Out Studio we designed a proposal with its own character and personality in which the Interior Design is the hallmark of this new private clinic.


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