New watches and jewelry multi-brand shop Tenerife

Wellcome to a new passionate Project.

This time we introduce a new watches and jewelery multi-brand shop for Ideal Jewellers in CC Safari, Tenerife South.

Beyond the traditional concept of watchshop, this small space of 60m2 has been transformed into an open luxury interior street. A fascinating gallery where each showcase reflects a distinct visual space.

The suggestive geometry of gemstones is adopted in this project to materialize the envelope walls and ceilings. The tile, symbol of the Mediterranean culture, is it transformed into a sophisticated skin that gives reflections all over the store.


Aiming to create a warm but at the same time vibrant atmosphere, white has been chosen as the predominant color, sprinkled with hints of yellow Pantone 2001C  present in the upholstery.

Inside, the contrast of materials creates a clear definition of the areas that call be traveled. The two facing walls are a counterpoint of windows that pierce one side wall and another stand, inviting sample have a differentiated product.


At the heart of the store there is the area of personalized attention with a separate counter. This central element is clogged by a suspended lamp designed by the studio and inspired by the polygonal shapes of diamonds in the rough.

Inside this private counter you will find an e -corner where customers can compare prices and make exclusive purchases at the online store. An innovative concept that allows to diversify the sale and connect to a broad segment of the public.


The Trend Gallerie is a fascinating and innovative design open to luxury, to enjoy a relaxed but stimulating shopping experience.

For further information please contact with us at  [email protected] or 670 333 276


  1. Hermoso! Gran trabajo. Gracias por compartir esto.

    • Muchas gracias