Branding Consulting


What is this service about?

In Out Studio offers a consultancy service for companies and enterpreneurs interested in learning more about those aspects of concern of their business.

This service is offered online but also in our offices. Producto available in English and Spanish.

What is this consultancy service about?

This one hour consultancy service is offered to companies and entrepreneurs interested in improving their business’ image. It is done by Nayra Iglesias, an architect specialized in Design and Management of Corporate Projects at an international level.

Thanks to this advice you will obtain effective guidelines that will allow you to make decisions about the actions to be carried out in your business.

Parts of the Brand consulting:

  1. Branding.
  2. Improvement of the Corporate Identity of your business.
  3. Feasibility study of locations
  4. Strategic Analysis.
  5. Actions report

What information do we need?

  1. Previous information about the visual identity of your business
  2. Current photographs of the location
  3. Plans

*this service does not include a design project.