Gio Pirámide blue set


Gio Piramide set consists of three handmade glass pieces, part of the new collection GIO by Nayra Iglesias. A collection full of color, transparencies, and geometric reflections that honor the great master Gio Ponti.

Based on the stained-glass and copper wire handcrafted technique, these exclusive objects are born from the collaboration between Nayra Iglesias and Peke Toyas, a recognized artisan and glass manufacturer.

Every piece of this collection is a sculptural work and a jewel itself, handcrafted one by one, creating imperfect, unique, and limited elements.

An innovative, fresh, and unique collection, designed for a residential environment. Perfect pieces for these people who appreciate the delicateness of handmade work, and the color and movement that only the mix between light and stained-glass can achieve.



The PIRÁMIDE set is part of the Gio Collection designed by Nayra Iglesias.

Gio Pirámide L, Gio Pirámide M and Gio Pirámide S are included on the set.


Minimum order: not recquired

Delivery time: 35 days

100% handmade in Spain


Spain: Included (except for the Balearic and the Canary Islands)

International: Contact us at [email protected]

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