Practical Interior Design : HOME – COMING SOON


What is it?

A live course taught by Nayra Iglesias, an Architect specialized in interior design, for those who want to learn the basics to develop an interior design project for their home.

This course is part of the INTERIOR THERAPY method, developed by Nayra Iglesias to renew the energy of the home through interior design.

How long does it last?

A total of 12 hours. There will be 4 Mondays of 3 hours each day.

Solicita información a [email protected]

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Objective: To obtain basic tools to be able to design your own interior design project and renovate your home.

Open to: Individuals interested in interior design

Instructor: Nayra Iglesias

Mode: Streaming

Duration: Total: 16h || 3 hours x 1 day a week for 4 weeks || 1 hour weekly tutorials for groupal couching


  • Introduction to residential interior design.
  • How to work the scale and the plan.
  • Distribution: new spaces for new needs.
  • Applications of color to residential interior design
  • Add light to your life. Lighting Masterclass
  • Successfully mixes in interior design. Pairings and materials.
  • How to present a project?
  • Management of residential projects.
  • Quotes and professional fees.
  • Styling classes and setting up of decoration.

Do you want to receive the agenda? Contact us at [email protected]

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