Sabrina vintage closet

The Sabrina closet dates from 1912.

An old woman kept the original furniture of that date, even the triplets …
And among many, that closet.

She spent several days in the workshop, accommodating thousands of possibilities.
It was such a unique and exclusive piece, that it should receive a special treatment, it was not worth anything.

On a platform with wheels, it turned and turned, but no idea fell in love with the restorer.
One Sunday afternoon, sitting in front of the closet, reflected in that mirror that began to lose its quicksilver, moved to a small but comfortable room, with very feminine, classic pieces, but with a new and sophisticated appearance, everything reminded her of the movie “Sabrina”.

After a hard day, nothing better than to get to that room, without TV, only good books, smell of old wood and a closet that inside hid a covert but flirtatious bar cabinet.
Selected bottles of whiskey and gin, original wooden racks, with their unmistakable aroma and skai skin.

With the colors, still to be defined, he went to work. It was not easy to remove all that layer of shellac, applied to crankpin, more than a hundred years ago. The interior and the sheet that covered the mirror determined the new design of the wardrobe.

She held firm, the elegance of black, the hope of white and the sophistication of gold. And so it was, with a cardboard template, he began to mark each rectangle, coinciding with all the vertices, and to paint piece by piece. Some stripes with gold-colored enamel and technical relief on the part of the frame, and polyurethane on the entire surface to keep the paint in good condition.

The interior, high tech black skai upholstery, gazelle skin effect. Two glass shelves, which can perfectly serve as a wine rack, or if you prefer, a small but luxurious shoe rack, a fun library.

It is a unique piece but so versatile, that allows us to adapt it to your needs. The original frame is maintained as well as the inside of the drawer, which is kept in perfect condition.

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The Sabrina vintage closet dates from 1912.

It is an exquisite piece treated with much love and dedication.

The exterior of the closet is painted in black and white satin acrylic enamel. The golden details presented are made with gold red enamel and embossed technique. The entire exterior has a layer of satin colorless polyurethane.

Inside, the original sheet and frame have been treated with oils for recovery.

The entire closet features a black skai upholstery, gazelle skin effect.

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 187 × 121 × 52 cm
Origin of production