Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Canary Athletes


Nayra Iglesias Sánchez (Business Advice)


Calidoscopio SCP (Graphic design)

The Canary Athletes project began as an advisory service with Nayra Iglesias. After the first two hours of business analysis, the architect and entrepreneur of the brand studied the business needs and presented the optimal solutions for the business. Within the set of solutions, the first action to execute was in the development of the graphic brand of the company. As a result of this decision, the Branding project arose.

In the development of the graphic brand for Canary Athletes, In Out Studio has sought a strong and elegant finish from simple geometric figures such as points and lines. The initials “CA” were constructed from a series of lines of different scores interconnected as a two-color loop. In a complementary way, a semicircular shape like a sun appears on the right end of the piece giving it a symmetrical and balanced appearance, contrasting with the straight lines of the letters.

For the composition of the brand, the combination of a primary binomial of colors was used. This combination not only offers high contrast and very good visibility, it also allows its application in a wide variety of formats. In this way, the brand will always have a good readability regardless of the context in which it is used.