Paseo General Martinez Campos, 20. Madrid


B3B Woman Studio


Fitness concept

Key personel:

Nayra Iglesias (Architect)

Dario Puri (Support)

B3B is an exclusive FITNESS BOUTIQUE for women that has a unique high-intensity method combining Bike, Box and Ballet in 45′ in a magical environment supported by mindfulness and empowerment techniques.

With the aim of positioning the brand among the vanguard methods at an international level, B3B entrusted the opening of its second space in Spain to the franchise expert Nayra Iglesias.

According to Nayra Iglesias, “on an aesthetic level, we wanted to enhance the B3B experience by combining the industrial and feminine character of the original concept with sensorial marketing strategies and innovative technological solutions.”

The interior design of this ‘only girls’ concept with huge windows, open spaces and industrial character, seeks to make the client travel to NYC, a city where the method is also inspired by.

The new concept of B3B woman studio seeks to make every woman enjoy a memorable experience based on positivity and vitality.

B3B Inspired in NY born in Spain