Cano 17, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


La Séptima con Broadway


Gin bar

Key personel:

Nayra Iglesias (Architect & PMP)

La Séptima con Broadway is a referent gin bar located in the old town of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

New York’s lifestyle is brought into this project inspired by the junction of Brodway and Seventh Avenue, a cosmopolitan place where many cultures get together.  The pictures of this magical neighbourhood give shape to the facade of the bar, creating reflections and optical illusions between the realities of the two cities.

The interior space invites to explore the urban side of Manhattan through an industrial aesthetic where materials such as brick, iron and concrete take precedence.

The gin bar is divided into three rooms: lounge area, bar and drinking area. The central area is dominated by an outstanding bar that combines iron and natural wood. Furniture with industrial character and some pieces of collection were selected for the lounge and the drinking area. Other furniture items, as the cocktail tables and the chairs, were designed by the studio using industrial material such as iron, oak and recycled materials. The toilets of this gin bar are inspired by the New York subway, using bevelled tiles in the most representative city colors: black, white and yellow.

La Séptima con Broadway encourages you to dive in New York through architecture.