Luxury villas in Fuerteventura



Corralejo, Fuerteventura




200 m²


Turistic Rental


In process

Key personel:

Nayra Iglesias (Architect & PMP)

Monika Sumska (rendering)

In Out Studio team is undergoing the reform of 4 luxury villas located on the island of Fuerteventura. The cultural combination existing on this island has been used by the studio as a source of inspiration for the reform of the villas, located in a heavenly setting and focusing on an ethnic aesthetic that perfectly combines oriental and western style.

In the design predominates the respect and the exploitation of the resources offered by the island, highlighting the use of indigenous materials like volcanic lava, vegetation and the use of organic pigments creating a range of colors ranging from white to terracotta.

Access to the villas is via a hand carved pergola made with canary tea Wood, a material characteristic of  the architecture in the Canary archipelago. This type of woodworking is very common in the 7 islands and is present in traditional Canary balconies, an architectural heritage of the archipelago.

The first stay we encountered the kitchen, where In Out Studio opted for a modern design. To do this, the design team turned to the use of key elements of the environment such as carmine red obtained from the cochineal. Cochineal is an animal that lives in the cactus, native vegetation of the area, from where is extracted the dye used in many natural dyes. This color has been used in a shade of lipstick on the walls and in some textile elements of the bedroom and the living room. The bedroom has also been restored with traditional pottery such as  dishes used as decorative elements on the walls, typical of the island.

The bathroom and the single bedroom have worked under the same arabesque aesthetic with a greater presence in the bathroom. For both stays, natural materials  have been used such as wood and linen textiles in addition to the same tone carmine already applied in the kitchen. As a differentiator in the bathroom hand painted tiles were included, while in the bedroom, there are surprising lamps suspended from the ceiling with wood finishes own island and designed exclusively by In Out Studio.

The bedroom suite brings us closer to the tropics using a green color immersing ourselves in a natural aesthetic. Highlighted as key elements of its interior there are suspended lamps and headboards in retro-illuminated with the appearance of a carpet of pita, both elements are made of handmade solid wood and sisal.

As in the previous stay, furniture is inspired by the idea of an oasis of relaxation in terms of textures, smells and colors that blend perfectly matching the natural aesthetic of the island of Fuerteventura enclave. For the bathroom, it has been designed an iron sconce shaped palm leaf, very present on the island natural element. Both the furniture and mirror have been created on nacre.

After the tour of the private areas of the villa, we pass to the living room. On the walls, used warm colors with decorative elements such as ceramic dishes and local crafts emphasizing nature have been used. The interior design combines the use of noble materials original from the island as dark woods and the use of organic materials such as fabrics used in upholstery.

Across the living room, we enter into the outdoor area which has a wooden pergola garden that gives a beautiful play of light and shadows. This space chill-out is an area of leisure and relaxation protected from the sun and with a large sofa XXL, perfect to enjoy a delicious breakfast or a long outdoor sitting.

In front of this area, there is a jacuzzi which is on an Ipe wooden platform that leads to the garden. All gardens of the villas enjoy a rich and varied selection of native plants such as cactus, palm trees and other types of cactus.

At the end of the garden, there is the protagonist of the outside area, the organic pool. This area is designed as a clean, fresh and relaxing space that is accompanied by a perfect solarium for clients to enjoy the climate of the island. Also, it has a bar attached with direct access to the villa. The bar is designed with the same playful colors of the Chill-out area. This space is sheltered from the sun with a pergola created with Canary tea wood and resting on an impressive carved pillar.

These villas are designed so that the clients can enjoy a relaxing experience in a different environment, a tropical environment. The studio wanted to recreate in these villas the singular character of Fuerteventura creating a small oasis.