Doctor Castelo 21, Madrid


Marisquería Norte Sur


112 m²


December 2016


Nayra Iglesias Sánchez (Architect and interior design)

Gerardo Pérez (Infography)


Javier Ortega (


In Out Studio

Interior design of the seafood restaurant Norte Sur, Madrid.
A new restaurant signed by Nayra Iglesias and her team has just opened in the Madrid’s neighborhood, El Retiro. Located on Calle Doctor Castelo 21 is the second restaurant that the studio designs for the well-known chain of Marisquerias Norte Sur.
The initial approach of the reform was to design a small and sophisticated space with two spaces, bar area and restaurant, to transport the customer inside a unique cabin.
The facade of the restaurant has been entirely made of stainless steel following a fun geometric game, the hallmark of the renewed image that In Out Studio has designed for the seafood chain. Inside, the fusion of noble and industrial materials and the mix of classic and contemporary styles, allow reinterpreting the interior of a ship’s stateroom through the use of corrugated iron and wood. The lighting of the restaurant Norte Sur Doctor Castelo is one of the most relevant parts of the intervention. Neon signs, funny wall sconces and a large hedgehog-shaped luminaire immerse the viewer into a dreamy ocean-like dream.
The first atmosphere of the restaurant is the area of tapas starring the bar and the use of a geometric plot that establishes a fun order on walls and ceilings. This pattern a relaxed atmosphere and marks the difference between the space of tapas and the restaurant.
In the bar area stands out the game created between opposing materials such as brass, white marble on the countertop or the corrugated metal sheet that wraps most of its walls. This space is characterized by its more industrial and sober, with predominance of metallic surfaces and cold colors.
In other side, the restaurant area creates a more welcoming and sophisticated environment with a predominance of warm materials such asoak wood panels that give acoustic properties to this space.
From the façade to the open kitchen, the Norte Sur Doctor Castelo seafood restaurant presents itself as an unusual gastronomic space that surprises with a fresh and risky interior design.