Rua Santa Justa 83, Lisbon




87,23 m²


March 2015


Nayra Iglesias Sánchez (Architect manager)


Ángela Gutiérrez (Architect)


Filipe Vera-Cruz Fotografía

Shoe shop design at Lisbon.

The iconic shoe shop “Ratinho” is a family business founded in 1920 located in front of Santa Justa elevator. In this project we have renovated the image of the shop by creating an architecture full of sensuality.

The starting premise was to create a space that would tell us the historical development of this handcrafted shoes home. In addition, the original Portuguese marble flooring and the stone coverings of the wall should be preserved.

A sculptural brass element is the thread design, which solves with one gesture the lighting and continuity needs of the store’s exhibition. This piece, completely handcrafted has a sliding system that allows exhibitors move freely along more than 15 meters of rail. At the same time it structures the store’s lighting, generating indirect light and emphasising with direct light the product details.

The visual connection inside-outside flows through open windows. At the heart of the store it is located a sensual curving staircase that links the commercial space L and serves as the perfect setting for the seating area. This area is created as more intimate and female thanks to suggestive textures that invite you to relax. The central table built by hand in Lisbon, was made in pink Portuguese marble and brass. On the top, there is a sputnik brass lamp made in the 50s.

In the central areas of the store they are designed a low displays covered with mirrors in order to blend into the stone representing the historical part of this place. On display windows these cubes also play to become a piece reflecting the beautiful Lisbon city cobblestones.