Martinez de Escobar Street, number 1


Private Business Group


600 m²


Disco divided in 2 levels / environments and private booth

Key personel:

Nayra Iglesias (Architect & PMP)

Fortuni is an ambitious Nightclub that is an indispensable part of the leisure route in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria designed by Nayra Iglesias and her team.

The design of the club aimed transforming this 600m2 local into a cult music club, with two distinct environments where design and lighting play the DJ’s rhythm.

The main hall is a triple height space dominated by an elegant suspended music cabin.

A theatrical and classic appearance is created by the long aluminum curtains, decorated with the corporate image, in this electronic space emphasized by the bars and columns indirect lighting.

A privileged space in this floor is given to the private booth, where details have been taken care of with an extraordinary attention. An organic white leather sofa traverses this corner side to side, with sophisticated stainless buckets designed specifically for the Most Exclusive Area.

In the basement, the design gives a 360th twist. In contrast to the classic environment of the main hall, in this floor the futuristic shapes, lighting and design, merge welcoming a younger public. In order to give more space to the dancefloor, a permeable bar is located in the center. The bar, totally white and gold, is the element that gives color to the room, with indirect lighting.

The Golden Lounge is a small transitional space between the ground floor and basement that accommodates among its padded walls, small LED lights that confers this corner a relaxed sensation.

The toilets and restrooms are located upstairs, as the animation gateway, interacting with the public in the main hall.