Sensorial Hotel, looking for a different experience?

Looking for a new experience?

SENSORIAL HOTEL is a new concept of Architecture created to recyclerenew and reactivate the hotel industry.

Sensorial design allows the customer to be the one to choose his room based on his needs, mood or objective to be achieved during his stay at the hotel.


The versatility of this concept allows the customer to shift the traditional hotel giving the possibility to have diferents types of ambiences by floors.

Neutral is thought for a customer that looks for confort and warmth. Peaceful offers a serene and calm experience. Vitality is the most fun floor designed for parents and children to enjoy the stay. Finally Energy is the area designed for those living with passion.


Colors, materials and lighting provide to every room a unique atmosphere. This creates a diversity of designs so that the final customer is the one that decides the type of experience he wants to live in our hotel. All this with an excellent relation quality – price.

An innovativeaffordable and custom solution.


If you want to receive more information of this innovative concept do not hesitate to contact with us at [email protected]

Sensorial, a different experience through the senses.