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Home Staging: the new sucessful tecnique

Last month finished the first Home Staging course taught in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The course divided into three levels: Initiation, Advanced I and Advanced II aims to start in this exciting profession lovers of decoration and marketing.



The Home Staging decoration is an advertising and real estate revaluation strategy created in the USA by Barb Schawrz more than 30 years ago.

This type of decoration is practiced successfully in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, etc. A few years ago it was introduced in our country and every day there are more owners and real estate professionals interested in the services offered by professional home stager decorators.



When the Home Staging Decoration joins the professional photography the result is spectacular, the house receives an avalanche of visits and the possibilities of success multiply. The formations and consultancies in Home Staging Decoration are helping real estate professionals to provide a better service to their clients, helping them to position themselves better in a market in the period of transformation, getting more captures exclusively and more visits to the houses.

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After three intense weeks of training in which students have learned the best techniques for presenting real estate and commercial premises, we closed the course in style with real practice.

The objective of this exercise is to test the knowledge learned, develop new skills such as the ability to improvise and gain experience with the transformation of a property that will serve students to start their professional career.



We find an interior apartment that has no use and whose owner wants to put it in vacation rental. The student team has 4 days to convert this property using the techniques offered by the Home Staging.

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After only 4 days of teamwork it is difficult to recognize the property. The furniture has been redistributed, the spaces now look more spacious, fresh and attractive. We do not find any personal elements and the environment created by the students is pleasant and neutral. A nice apartment near the beach where everyone would enjoy a wonderful stay.

The final practice of the course is an incredible experience that creates a team, consolidates knowledge and guarantees students an excellent level in the face of job placement.

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