Watch out the newsletter nº 2!!

Like #designlovers, we honour in our second publication to the city of Berlin, pioneering in the revolution of the European design of the years 20s-50s. The new movement of the Bauhaus’ school supposed a radical change towards forms and primary colors using industrial materials. This movement marked the architecture, the interior design and the design graphic creating trend to the present day.

We propose a risky selection of furniture with strong caracter. Combining the design of the German period of postwar, with furniture of industrial inspiration and exclusive pieces produced from recycled materials.

A new feature from this newsletter, we incorporate interviews with design professionals of each country. In Berlin we met with Janek Andre, director of This exclusive website where you can find European designers furniture, offers crafted locally produced original furniture pieces crafted locally produced. In Out Studio is present with two of our limited edition pieces, MyBiombo and Marlon.

Travelling this week to Berlin is at your fingertips.

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