Where to locate your business

Now is a good time to open a new business. There´s a lot of properties available in the market and is a great investment opportunity.

In this post we will give you the keys to identify, evaluate and select the perfect location.

Factors we consider:

  • Exteriors are those who call the customer to come into your business.
  • Interiors are those who make the location appropriated to the activity.



  1. A good local is within the influence area of our target audience.
  2.  Competition is good. Your business must be surrounded by other to help you generate more activity. Yes to the synergy.
  3. You must find a local whose visibility is high and located at a width street. No obstacle that hinders the view of the facade.
  4. Important! Do not decide for a local without consulting the urban legislation. We recommend you to look for advice through a qualified Architect. To choose a place that is subject to restrictions will determine your business.
  5. Find stores showcase of at least 2.5 x 3m. You will avoid any surprises!
  6. Choose a location accessible to all or wich can be adapted. Beside expiring with the regulation, you will allow a greater number of customers.



  1. Open spaces are more commercial. Do not chose you for places with narrow corridors and spaces with few visibility.
  2. Find a place with enough height. If you want to avoid problems, select at least on with 3.20m high from floor to ceiling.
  3. The comfort is a bonus. Select interior wide spaces that allow at least a comfortable traffic from the entry up to the counter or bar.
  4. Less it is not any more. Assure yourself that the place has sufficient power for the activity of your business.
  5. Last minute surprises, no thanks!! There are things that are not easily detected. We recommend you to request a facilities report: electricity, plumbing, telecommunications, fire, security and air conditioning. A bad forecast can shoot up the budget.


Finding the perfect place for your business is not easy. We hope these tips help you choose wisely.

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