Window-Dressing course Gran Canaria

From 25th to 29th March we could enjoy a Window-dressing Course full of unique opportunities for our students. Thanks to the collaboration of Comercios Innovadores and Cabildo de Gran Canaria, students competed for their first professional contract.

Unlike other courses, we have developed a 360º program thought for future VM professional and for businessmen who need to acquire practical knowledge for their business. The diversity of students has a double objective, as window-dresser you will have the opportunity to know potential clients and as entrepreneurs you will discover the powerful of a window display.

To adapt the content to the practice of the profession we divide the curse in two levels: basic and advanced.

During the two days of theoretical course we teach subjects such as history of window dressing, external and internal aspects, types of window dressing, etc. To help to fix concepts we combine theory with practical exercises to facilitate an effective learning.

In our school, we considered that the most important thing is putting into practice what we have learned. As closing of this basic course, we did an exercise of window dressing in 2D. In there is valued creativity and time efficiency, values that a good window-dresser must have. In spite of having a limited time, the exercises of they reached an excellent level and over everything we enjoy learning!


In the Advanced Course we delve on those technical aspects that must dominate a good window-dresser. Our goal is that after the formation phase, our student s could iniciate their professional career. For this we count with workshops specialized supported by professionals of each sector:

– Workshop of Lighting Design. Marcello Morella, representing Iguzzini, spoke about lighting techniques, color temperature, good color rendering and many more fundamental subjets.

– Workshop of Materials. FlexoPublicidad let us diverse materials those are in the habit of working. It is one of the most recognized companies in the islands. We could see the direct application of wood, aluminum, PVC, composites and more.

– Workshop of Equipment and Animation thanks Vimor Commercial Equipment SL They showed us the basic wardrobe of a good window dresser.

– Workshop of Conceptualization using an easy software by the collaboration of the architect Rodolfo Falcón.


To conclude the course, students are faced with an exercise carried out by teams at various shops in the city.

In this occasion there were thre  business of Triana shopping area participating: Antojos Premamá, Nubiluna and Archimboldo.

All students presented their design based on a theme defined by businessmen. A representative of every place was the manager of selecting the winning offers that materialized in his shop windows.  Thus each student faced deliberation of a your potential client.


All the windows were made entirely in cardboard thanks to Papelera de Canarias. Each of the groups based his design on one of the topics proposed for each business:

– Antojos Premamá chosen the “Spring” theme

– Nubiluna decided to “sweet table” as a thematic

– Archimboldo proposed “comunion” as the theme of the season.

The process attracted the attention of customers and we received with surprise the presence of cameras Radio Televisión Canaria that echoed this event in the Telenoticias 2.


The jury In Out Studio and the Cabildo of Gran Canaria had the difficult task of selecting the winning group. Although the three proposals were of a high level, both creatively and execution, Archimboldo had finally won the contest. The technical difficulty of this space and an imaginative solution made them winners. The Cabildo of Gran Canaria awarded with a cash prize for the realization of their first professional assignment.

Members of the winning team presented to the several proposals for the realization of the window. Among them was elected the Ruth Catena’s by their degree of definition. She became the first winner of the contest.


The next winner could be you! Registration open for the new course. more information [email protected] – 928 260 153 – 670 333 276

Special thanks to our partners and sponsors:

– Cabildo de Gran Canaria

– Iguzzini

– Flexopublicidad

– Vimor Equipamiento Comercial S.L.

– Rodolfo Falcón, Architect

– International Paper