“Healthy Food” restaurant Pure Cuisine Splau





Pure Cuisine




Open September 2016

Key personel:

Nayra Iglesias (Architect & PMP)

Vanessa Rodríguez (Architect)

In Out Studio has developed the design of a fresh new brand of Asian food in the Splau Shopping Centre in Barcelona.

Pure Cuisine, a young restaurant chain that introduces a new culinary concept throughout the national territory based on the “Asian Healthy Food”. Combining the best of China and Japan with a clear philosophy: ‘Fast Good’ food, served in an environment of good design and a customer-oriented service. With 3 locations in Barcelona, the restaurant chain still in continuous growth and renewal. The concept of Healthy Food must be present in each of the corners of the new restaurant, which is why they have trusted In Out Studio for opening its fourth store in the city.

The new restaurant is made up of a kiosk and 2 terraces. In Out Studio’s team, have to transform the existing kiosk and integrate both terraces under the same concept. To do so, the kiosk has been coated with recycled wood boards of different thicknesses and textures, thus becoming the focus of the project. Both banks have terraces perimeter, which help to create spaces pleasant and comfortable with spaces for dialogue between diners. These spaces are designed to recreate small gardens where wood and vegetation are the protagonists. In one of the terraces it has created a fun wall, lined with a set of wooden boxes, some of them equipped with vegetation enclosing inside panels where diners can read the menu, creating a cool and pleasant line with the philosophy of the company environment.

Healthy concept and simplicity go hand in hand in this project thanks to the harmony of materials such as wood, metal with black finish and the use of natural elements, clear protagonists of the design. In Out Studio has achieve through this project, the realization of a unique restaurant concept in an area of exclusive design.